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Create a new license

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  • peter_sany
    • Dec 2020
    • 1216

    Create a new license

    You must first open the SeDiv.ini or SeHitachi.ini file
    According to the photo:

    Info User

    1- Fill name= Need write user Full name
    2- Country = The name of the country in which the client is
    3- City = The name of the city in which the client is
    4-ICQ = If the client uses ICQ chat, they can enter the ID in this section
    Note: If the client doesn't use this chat, use the None option
    5- Email = User Email active SeDiv
    6- Kay = Enter a license SeDiv in this section

    Save Settings Package ARCO & Package BURN-IN
    open pic log 3

    1-ARCOFolder = For Address Package ARCO WD
    2-BURNFolder = For Address Package BURN SAMSUNG

    Please Check Video

    Open Site
    Attached Files
  • nomanali9895
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2023
    • 6

    downlad line